All Zodiac Black Corduroy Bag
All Zodiac Black Corduroy Bag
All Zodiac Black Corduroy Bag
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All Zodiac Black Corduroy Bag

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These bags are meant to carry your essentials like your keys, wallet and phone so these will be smaller bags then my Corduroy Calcifer Bags if you're familiar with those. These bags are perfect for a day out on the town or even taking it to a club scene! 

If you are a small bag don’t carry much person than these bags are perfect for you! I have been able to fit keys, wallet, phone, sunglasses, sanitizer, bunch of lip gloss and mascara and many other knick knacks. 

Bag Measurements and Details: 

 - Bag Size: About 6” x 6.30” x 2.36” 

- Two Pocket Bag, One Big Pocket and a Small Pocket in Front 

- Corduroy Material with Embroidered Pattern on the Front Pocket

- Heart Shape Zippers on All The Bags 

- Digital Printed Adjustable Strap 

- Lined on the Inside with Matching Bag Strap Along with my Shop Logo

How to Wash:

Turn your bag inside out and wash on a low tumble cycle and use cold water. Don’t use any bleach! Air dry when finished washing! 

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