My Life’s Work

I thought it would be nice to list my achievements and projects since launching Veestoria Shoppe. I’ll be updating this as often as I can. 

Here is a list of almost every project I’ve done since opening Veestoria Shoppe and some art projects!

Submission for an Art Gallery at my University in 2016. Actually sold this piece and I miss it. 

Art Study using a scene from my favorite Ghibli Film - Howl’s Moving Castle! My favorite art piece I did when I went to art school. From 2017.

Made this my first logo when I first opened Veestoria Shoppe on Instagram! 

First pin design I ever created. From 2017. 

 First Kickstarter Project inspired by BuzzFeed Unsolved. From 2017.

Ghibli Sweets Pins Project 2018

Christmas Pins 2017 

Buzzfeed Unsolved Pins 2018 

Ghost Pet Pals Pins 2018

Pokémon Witch Cuties Pins 2018

Howl’s Moving Castle Pins 2019

ATLA Pins 2020

Cartoon Halloween Pins 2020
Spooky Foods 2019 (Unsuccessful but proud of these)

More ATLA Pins 2021

Spirited Away Pins 2020 
Animal Crossing Planchette Pins 2020
Sozin’s Comet Screen Print Shirts (Sold Out)
ATLA Fan Club Pins 
Original Art Spooky Garden Pins 2021
First pair of earrings I ever made! All gone now. 2021.
Original Art Halloween Garden Bag (Sold Out)
ATLA Printed Canvas Bags 2020 (Blew up on Tik Tok and they’re all gone now except for my personal ones!) 
Hamilton Pins 2021 (When I was OBSESSED) 
Fruits Basket Pins 2022

FMA Pins 2022
Demon Slayer Planchettes (Unsuccessful but these are cute and I wanna make stickers of them!) 
Calcifer Corduroy Bags 2022
Fruits Basket Corduroy Bags 2023